The OCV membership year runs January 1st to December 31st. Please renew by the end of December. If you haven’t renewed your membership by January 31st, it will be assumed that you are not planning to continue as an active member. There will be a small late fee applied if you rejoin after January 31st. New members:  Please see the “New Members” section of the website.  

All requests for new memberships are suspended until further notice.

December 31st
January 31st
October 1st
Active Member$35.00$40.00$20.00
New Member$35.00N/A$20.00
OCV Membership Fees – Existing and New Members

OCV Membership – Existing Members


Instructions for Online Membership Process

Step 1: Click Online Form

This will bring up a request for your email address which is required to access OCV’s online application system.

Step 2:  Email Verification

Enter your email address, tick the “verify” box and click “Send Email”.

You will receive an email with a link to the Membership Registration form. Clicking the link verifies your email.

Step 3: Membership Registration 

Enter Your personal and contact information into the registration form. Then select your applicable membership type (new or renewal) and click “Submit”.

You will then be taken to a page to confirm your information You can either go back to correct information or select the “On to the Waiver” box to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Waiver Signing

To review the entire waiver before proceeding, click “Read Waiver First”. To sign the waiver, click “Sign the Waiver” and then review and check off each section. Once you’ve reviewed the document, type your full name where indicated at the bottom to complete the digital signing of the waiver.

Step 5:  Payment

Once the waiver is submitted you will be taken to the payment page. You may purchase a Club Badge on this page. Review your purchase and click “Continue to Remit Payment”.

Payment can be made by credit card (without joining Paypal), by PayPal, or by cheque. To pay online using a credit card or PayPal account, click the Pay Now button. PayPal options will come up. However, if you want to pay by credit card directly (not through PayPal), click “add debit or credit card at the bottom of the page. Then scroll to the end or the new page and select “Pay with credit or visa debit card”.

To pay by cheque, click the “I’ll mail a cheque” button. An email with instructions will be sent to you.

OCV Membership – New Members

Please see the “New Members” section of the website.  As noted above, all new members need to complete an Intro Hike or speak with a Club Representative before joining the club.

Instructions for Hardcopy / Paper Membership Process

Print a copy of the OCV New Member Application or the OCV Membership Renewal and also a copy of the FNCBC Waiver, which are available below. Complete the application form and waiver and mail them, with a cheque for your fees, to the address listed on the bottom of the Application.

OCV New Member Application

OCV Membership Renewal

FMCBC Waiver

Privacy and Policy Disclaimer

Personal information such as members names, phone numbers and email addresses are included on the OCV Membership List which is distributed by email to all members. Each member is responsible for treating this information with the discretion with which you look after your own banking information.

To review OCV’s Privacy Policy, click below:

Privacy Policy

To review the privacy policy for, the website host for the Club website regarding email, cookies, etc., click below:

Have a question regarding membership?

Contact our Membership Chair through the form below.