Before You Hike

Before You Hike

New hikers wishing to join our club, please go to the New Members page and read the information and check the links from that page.

To display individual hike details from the OCV Calendar, please go to the appropriate date and click on the hike for which you want detailed information. A box with departure time, meeting place, leader and an estimated duration of the hike will pop up. Hikers are required to contact the hike leader before a hike to be able to participate. The leader is also happy to answer questions any hiker may have about an upcoming hike.

Hike Ratings

The Hike Ratings page explains the coding labels such as A1b, B2b etc. The ranges for distance, elevation, and trail conditions of each hike are offered.

Some leaders will provide more details regarding the hike on the calendar where there is space to add this information.

All hike durations are an estimate.  Any hike duration depends on the pace of hikers participating, weather and trail conditions.  A hike may be longer or shorter than the estimate suggested.

Please do not come on a hike with a commitment or an appointment later in the day. There can be no guarantee you will be back at the proposed time.


The Groundsheet is restricted to members because it provides detailed information about upcoming outings.  It provides the details of where and when to book and most importantly, who to notify when you have booked for a particular trip. It is distributed by email as soon as it is published. Please download the Groundsheet when it arrives in your Inbox and keep it available on your desktop for most efficient access.

Hike Leaders

Hike Leaders are responsible for the safety of the group they are leading. OCV has developed Guidelines for Hike Leaders – Updated Oct 2022 to assist. Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines before leading a hike.  

Ticks and Lyme Disease

Check out the links below for tick information from the BC Centre for Disease Control and the Government of Canada’s publication on Lyme Disease.  Directions for removing a tick & how to submit the tick for testing for Lyme Disease, particularly if you develop a target rash can be found here:

BC Centre for Disease Control Lyme Disease

Government of Canada Lyme Disease prevention toolkit

Additional information on prevention of tick and mosquito bites can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and prevention website here:

CDC Prevent Tick and Mosquito Bites

Medical emergency contact is best provided by downloading this Emergency Contact form completing it, and placing it in your pack.