New Members

New Members


New members are welcome to join OCV by completing the online membership and waiver forms and by paying the membership fee. Please read the following information before joining.

You must be 19 years of age or older to join or participate.

Memberships can’t be purchased on behalf of someone else as the waiver must be completed by the prospective member.

No dogs or other pets are allowed on any hikes.

Annual membership fees are non-refundable without exception. Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st, regardless of when in the year someone joins.

Hikers are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from trailheads. This is not the responsibility of hike leaders. Please be aware that there is no bus service to most of the trailheads used by OCV.

Making or receiving phone calls while on a hike is highly discouraged.

Hikes are lead by volunteers who have no special training but have knowledge of the trail through personal reconnaissance.

Participants must wear proper hiking footwear/boots. Hike leaders have the right to refuse to allow individuals without proper footwear to participate in a hike.

Participants are expected to be competent hikers who accept the risks and hazards associated with hiking on trails that can be rough, steep and isolated, and may involve adverse weather conditions.

Before joining OCV, you should be able to hike to the top of PKOLS/Mt. Doug and complete the Whittaker Trail circuit around the base of the mountain without difficulty. 

If you would like to participate in a club hike prior to joining, please email or fill out the “contact form” on this website and we’ll arrange for you to join a hike on an introductory basis.

Prospective Members coming to an Introductory Hike must print and sign the “FMCBC waiver” (click on the link below) and hand it to the hike leader.  

**Go to the ‘Membership’ page to join the OCV**

FMCBC-OCV Universal Basic-Waiver

To access a four-page document providing directions to area trailheads, click on “Hike Trip Info” in the menu bar (not the drop down menu underneath it), scroll down to the Trailheads section, and click on “Directions to OCV Trailheads”. We recommend you print off a copy of this document and keep it in your car.