Prospective Members

Prospective Members

If you would like to try the club out for compatibility you may join an introductory hike. These hikes will be held at least once a month. To register for an introductory hike, email or fill out the “contact form” on this website. Prospective members coming on an Introductory hike should print and sign the “FMCBC waiver” and hand it to the Introductory hike leader. Two useful documents are found under “Trip Info” on the website. The link to “Directions to OCV Trailheads” GPS document is embedded into the “Trip info” page and the FMCBC waiver is located under “Forms” in the drop down menu.

As a Prospective Member you are required to present for the hike with daypack, water, lunch, hiking boots in a bag, and adequate clothing.

Emergency contact information is the responsibility of each individual participating. Please download this Emergency Contact form complete it and put it in your daypack.

Applicants may apply for membership after completing an introductory hike.

FMCBC-OCV Universal Basic-Equestrian-Water Waiver

Hikes are lead by volunteers who have no special training but have knowledge of the trail through personal reconnaissance. Participants are expected to be competent hikers who accept the risks and hazards associated with an outdoor activity such as hiking, along with the regular use of rough and steep trails in isolated areas and adverse conditions.