Mount Prevost Hike April 21 – submitted by Mary Hof

Mount Prevost Hike April 21 – submitted by Mary Hof

Mt Prevost – leader Mary Hof

The hike to Mt Prevost April 21 was great. I combined this hike with the Island Ramblers, when I saw that so many were signing up, (but I didn’t want to say no to anyone). I ask Ray Billings to help out and it worked out great. We had 19 people and we split the group. We actually went the same route and every so often we would catch up to one another. 8 were from the OCV.

One by one we all went up the rope area we had great views. Our hike went to all view points around the mountain, which meant we had to go up and down a lot more.

We all had lunch together on a rock which gave us great views of snowed caped Mt Whimper, Landale. El Capitan, and Mt Service. After lunch we climbed to the white chimney that stands tall and is seen from Duncan and beyond.

Coming down we took a side route where we were right up against the steep rock that rock climbers are now using. Good footing was the key, but everyone did wonderful. We then took a different way down and completed the loop.
5 hours we were back to the cars.

Thanks Ray for your help, together we made 19 people happy.

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