B2b Troll Knoll & Mt. Work False Summit

Meet at the Mt. Work parking lot on Ross-Durrance Road. Hike starts at 9:30. Hike goes up the west trails and returns down the east trails. Hike is 400m 12.6 kms - 4-4.5 hrs. Must email Cathy G. if coming.  

A2a Esquimalt Parks

Meet at Spinnakers Catherine Street, Vic West. Hike is 155 m - 11 km - 3 hrs. Includes High Rock Park. Email Lyn A if coming.

B2b PKOLS (Mt. Doug) Ramble

Meet at the Beach parking lot by the washrooms. Hike starts at 10:00. Hike is 325m - 10kms - 3 hrs. Must email Chris D. if coming.

A1b Goldstream Park Trails – Loop

Meet at the sign across from the campground gatehouse. Hike is 260 m – 7 km - 3 hrs. Slow pace. Email leader Shirley T if coming.