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Calendar of Events
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B2b Stonecrest to Jocelyn Hill

B/C2b Sooke Hills – Grass Lake – Larkspur – Rick’s Peak -Monument Mt

**HIKE CANCELLED** A Hike – Elk & Beaver Lakes

B2b Jocelyn Hill via Timberman Trail

A1b Troll Knoll

B2b East Sooke Park Loop

A1a John Dean from Alec Road

B/C2b Mary’s Peak – Sooke Hills

B2b Matheson Lake – Cougar Ridge


B2b John Dean Park via Haldon Rd.

A1b Scafe Hill from Bellamy Road

B2b Mt. Richards (New circle route)

A2b Munn Rd Connector – Bellamy Trail – Scafe Hill

**UPDATE**HIKE CANCELLED** B2b East Sooke Park – Babbington Hill- Cabin Point

**REPLACEMENT HIKE** B2b Jocelyn Hill via Timberman Trail

A1b McKenzie Bight Loop

B2b Monument Mtn. via Harrison Trail

A1b West Thetis Lake Trails

B2b Scafe & Stewart Mountains

A1b Rithet’s Bog & Broadmead Area (No elevation)


**UPDATE** HIKE CANCELLED** B2b Sooke Hills wilderness – Mike Hill via Sugarloaf

B2b Partridge Hills

B2b East Sooke Park -Coast Trail from Pike Rd.

A1a Jocelyn Hill from Emma Dixon Rd.

B2b Timberman Trail to Jocelyn Hill

A1a Explore Fort Rod Hill


**UPDATE** HIKE CANCELLED** B2b Sooke Hills Wilderness – Mt. Braden via Plateau Route

A1b Rithet’s Bog to Little Mt. Doug

B2b Mt Work East and West – Martha’s Mounds

Bike Ride – Victoria to Broken Paddle in Metchosin

B2b Mount Work – 3 Sisters – Martha’s Mounds

A1a Francis King Park

A1b Metchosin Wilderness Park

B2b Heavenly Valley

A1a Tower Point & Witty’s Lagoon


B2b Maple Mountain

B2b Sooke Hills Wilderness – John Stick Peak via David’s Delight

A1b Mt. Work – Martha’s Mounds from Munn Rd.

B2b Stonecrest to Jocelyn

B2b Mt Braden

A1a Matheson Lake Circuit

B2b **New Hike** Troll Knoll from Mt Work – Ross-Durrance parking lot

B2b East Sooke Park: Coppermine – Park Heights

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