Hike Ratings

Hike Ratings

  • Ratings are subjective evaluations and the Club cannot assume responsibility for an individual’s interpretation.
  • All guests, including guests of members, must telephone the leader prior to appearing at the meeting place.
  • It is the prerogative of leaders to turn back members and guests at the meeting place if in the leader’s opinion the members or guests are not suitably equipped for that particular hike.
  • It is each hiker’s responsibility to ensure he/she is capable of handling the planned hike. Ask the leader about the difficulty to ensure your skills and the hike are matched.

Hikes are rated in three categories:


A: up to 300m/1000′            1: up to 10Km /6 miles              a: good trail, sidewalk, road

B: 300-600m/up to 2000′  2: 10 to 20 Km/12miles             b: some rough trail

C: beyond 600m/3000′       3: 20-30Km /up to 18 miles     c: rough to no trail, scrambling

If you are interested in challenging fast paced hikes please email fasterhikes@ocv.ca